The 2018 election was pivotal for Korean Americans across the country.

Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnicity in America. Historically, we have had the lowest voter turnout of any demographic group. But because you voted on Election Day, you participated in one of the largest voter turnouts for a midterm election in US history.

Election Results for Korean American Candidates

Four Korean Americans were on the ballot for seats in the House of Representatives: Andy Kim (NJ-3), Young Kim (CA-39), Thomas Oh (VA-8), and Pearl Kim (PA-5).

Democrat Andy Kim declared victory on Wednesday evening in a Facebook post. While several thousand provisional ballots have yet to be counted, and his opponent has not yet conceded, Andy’s campaign was confident they would prevail. Young Kim, a Republican, holds a lead of 2.6% over her opponent as the remaining mail-in ballots continue being counted.

It has been over twenty years since a Korean American has served in Congress. Andy and Young would only be the second and third Korean Americans to do so.

Read more about the Korean Americans who ran for the 119th Congress here.

Here’s why our voice matters:

Korean American “Dreamers” and adoptees undocumented, no chance for citizenship, vulnerable to deportation
Korean Americans without health insurance - highest among Asian Americans
American jobs, $60 billion worth of US exports to South Korea at stake, as part of one of the United States’ most important trade deals (KORUS)
Koreans on the peninsula, seven million in the Korean diaspora impacted by talks on nuclear security, economic development, and peace